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LOGLINE:  A young boy's toy robots accidentally acquire military attributes from a nearby government research facility.  They become self aware and discover that "others" exist at the base and set out to rescue them.



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Science Fiction and Science Fact Meet at the Movies:


While humans still play the dominant characters in film and television, robots are beginning to find a unique place in both staring and supporting roles.  While humans played the robotic roles in AI (Dreamworks SKG), the implication was that robotics, would eventually evolve to a point where it would be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between a real human and a robotic look-alike.


At ChildLikes, a new generation of intelligent robots has emerged to provide a dynamic and thought provoking alternative to traditional on-screen computer based gaming.   Imagine having a set of intelligent robots that you could program to run offensive and defensive plays on a playing surface that represents football, soccer, war games, or one-on-one competition like Sumo wrestling, tag, hide and seek, etc.  No longer are you tethered to a computer screen and joysticks.  The technology that is emerging in robotics is the premise that BUGZ - The Movie is based upon.


Now . . . imagine in a not so distant future, robot toys that can learn from prior mistakes or losses, robotic toys that can communicate not just with humans but amongst themselves.  What if these robots became not only "self aware" but also became aware of "others?" 


What if . . . we were on the cusp of creating a new life-form.  One that embodies all the aspects of its human creator - fear, kinship, bravery, leadership, self preservation, self sacrifice, sadness and maybe even that one uniquely human trait, love?


What if . . . a movie script brought the current state of robotics and software technology to film and with just a little peak into the not-to-distant future, presented a story that captures the imagination of young and old alike?  A story that not only entertains but provides a very realistic view into the future marriage of computer based gaming and state-of-the-art robotics. 


The result would be . . .  BUGZ - The Movie






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